Applicant Tracking Software - Decision Time

Marketing for just about any enterprise level technology has a tendency to consume a common formula. The merchandise salesforce will normally stress "effective" features, showcase high-profile clients and highlight simple integration. While these sales concepts ring true for a lot of industries, they're frequently more stringently put on enterprise software products. Lately, I attended an organization sales presentation from the 3 vendors within the applicant tracking software industry. Throughout the event each company presented their product using PowerPoint slides just to walk through their goods. When I closed my eyes and took in towards the loudspeakers, each presentation ran into an amorphous cloud of hollow marketing lingo and statements worn-out by many years of repeated use during sales calls. Throughout the event a sinking feeling started to create in. How are prospective customers designed to differentiate between these items and formulate a purchasing preference? Fortunately, I had been sitting down alongside a company recruiter who had been within the final stages from the decision process. Here's some insider anecdotal research he offered up throughout the networking event that adopted.

Litmus Test the characteristics that peak your interest

If this found analyzing product features, our test recruiter had some invaluable information. Throughout several sales presentations he come up with a select listing of the characteristics that peaked his interest. One vendor pointed out recruiting analytics to assist evaluate inefficiencies within the recruiting process. As the recruiter was acquainted with status reports, the visual analytics appeared to provide a new dimension to analyzing the recruiting funnel. To be able to test the need for the analytics feature, he made the decision to put a quick telephone call to a few of the company's clients to find out if they'd positive feedback around the product and much more particularly the recruiting analytics feature. Affirmed, one user was quick to are convinced that the analytics feature had helped them enhance their recruiting funnel by supplying visual details about a procedure bottleneck involving a potential employer. When the HR team could show the potential employer a visible graph from the unnecessary age of contributing to the recruiting process, the potential employer improved his response time dramatically. This testimonial evidence helped convince our test recruiter the feature did actually increase the value of the procedure and it was not just an additional group of jewelry to assist sell the merchandise.

Find Features you know could make you more effective

The purpose of buying applicant tracking software programs are to create your recruiting staff more effective at recruiting. Our test recruiter entered the shopping process searching for particular features that have demonstrated will make recruiting simpler. Among the greatest headaches he'd faced throughout his career was closing the loop with candidates. His company needed high volume searches and the personal standards determined he would need to send thanks letters to every candidate within the pipeline. This conundrum had brought to a lot of moment put on emails in a roundabout way associated with finding the right candidate for every position. Within the purchasing process he intentionally targeted vendors that offered a strategy to his longtime problem. Among the applicant tracking software vendors offered push button automated emails that insured he could still professionally close the loop with candidate while spending additional time on greater level prospects.

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