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Overwatch | The Art of Flanking

Every player who are known with Overwatch heard about the Flanking term. Heroes like Tracer and Genji are the most known flankers by the overwatch community and if you are the maining Support role, then you probably hate such heroes (but they are awesome for Overwatch Boosting, according to In this article, I will tell you everything I know about Flankers, so this guide will be useful for both of you, who are looking for a guide that will teach you how to flank, and for the guys who want to learn how to counter them. After all, if you want to overcome your enemy, you need to understand him.

The main mistake that is all newcomers is doing is that they think that Flanking in Overwatch is just a process of getting in the rear of an enemy team, but in the reality, it is much bigger and dynamic than just getting in the flank of an enemy. In Overwatch, Flanking is about attacking an enemy team using the advantage in positioning, while they are being distracted by a teamfight. Usually, flanking is attacking enemies from behind, but Overwatch is a little different game, most flankers use sideways to ambush an enemy or could even attack from above. The Key is in attacking from the non-usual position, keep away from the rest of your team and do not enter the line of sight of an enemy.

Flankers are awesome because they are able to quickly delete Supports or squishy DPS heroes, buying a couple of seconds for your team to conquer the map objective. You will be able to deal serious damage to the enemy team without any attention, so it could be considered as free damage. If you are good at flanking then you will be able to quickly kill somebody and retreat before your enemies attack you back. Add an advantage of continuously putting pressure on enemies, who are already dragged into teamfight, and you will understand why it is so great. You will keep enemies stressed and stressed enemies would make mistakes, deadly mistakes. Use flanking to find any possible opportunity to deal damage for an unexpected enemy and distract healers from their main task.

But do not think that flanking is about blinking behind the enemies and firing everywhere you could. Timings in this matter should be extremely good. If you will dive into the enemies while they are fully focused on your team, you will have every opportunity you want. But if you will not time your flank with your team, then every face will be turned into your side and you will be annihilated in a second. Enemy’s attention must be split, otherwise, it could not be called as Flanking. To succeed in flanking you need to start to put pressure at enemies as soon as your team will make a move. They must drag the attention of, at least, main tanks and damage dealers. Just let’s take Ana as an example, if you will attack her while she has every cooldown available, then you will quickly feel grenade and sleeping dart on your face. In this case, you will be forced to use a ton of cooldowns to avoid certain death. That will waste a ton of time and will make you vulnerable.


Overwatch | Hero Guides | Hanzo

New Hanzo is here, but the reworked hero could be difficult to learn. The very core of this hero was reworked so you need to re-master this character if you want to use him in the competitive games ( saying that Hanzo is one of the best heroes to boost SR). The basic ability now is replacing a really interesting Scatter Arrow and that was really smart enhance of a hero. Let’s look closely to them!

The new Hanzo’s ability is now called Volley and it works pretty much the same as common Rapid Fire in the World of Warcraft. But how this update would affect the whole gaming situation in Overwatch?

Long story short – Volley is a buff of Hanzo, it is a temporary boost that is incredibly increasing the fire-rate of the Hanzo’s primary attack. You press one button and for the next six seconds, you could instantly fire six full-charged arrows one after another. The approximate fire rate is ~3 arrows per second. One arrow that is fired with the Volley buff is dealing slightly less damage, compared to the normal, full-charged arrow, but they are faster and headshots dealing twice as much damage. So the full damage from this ability could deal 480 damage, or 960 damage if you land everything in the head. That is more than enough to kill anyone, even the strongest tanks.

Remember good old Scatter Arrow, this skill required some skill to use and the perfect shot could deal 450 damage. It is quite an interesting decision by Blizzard, creating a much easier-to-land ability that is dealing much more damage. Yes, the Burst damage by Scatter Arrow was higher and could surprise many tanks, but overall, Volley is so much stronger.

If we will look at this whole situation from the distance then we could say that this is not an upgrade and downgrade. It is just a sidegrade for all Hanzo players. It is an interesting change that will reward correct aiming while leaving you with the ability to deal consistent damage over time, making Hanzo fairer in fights against large targets, like Roadhog. Right now at duels, you will not die instantly against skilled Hanzo but you could still catch a few arrows with your forehead and die.

Scatter Arrow was slightly overpowered ability that was still interesting and unique. Right now you have a way less creative ability that still, could be used to quickly kill anyone. Volley is such an ability that could be used to deal six body shots and deal ~480 damage to anyone who is standing before you. The overall damage is quite the same, but now it requires more skill. This was a perfect decision for everyone, for players who loved Hanzo and for every newcomer who wants to learn this character.

This is kind of reworks we are all expecting from the Blizzard company – developers must understand what is fun and what is not. Blizzard was good at finding the right balance with the Hanzo, but I am still mad with what they have done with Mercy. The change of a hero must still keep the hero satisfying to play, but the renewed hero must be useful to the whole team. That is what we are asking for.